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In my everyday life I am a conscious consumer and I work towards reducing my carbon footprint as much as I can, and I want the shop to reflect that.

While polymer clay is not recyclable, I ask that you make a commitment to use them for as long as you can and once you no longer gain value out of them, please regift or donate them. If you prefer on throwing them out, please break them down as much as possible beforehand.

I hope to have it be as low waste as it can be by doing the following:

  • Shipping in recyclable boxes 
  • Using recycled paper for the earring holders & other cards necessary in the shipping box (the paper is made at home or old paper from illegible/unsalvageable books is used)
  • Using recyclable fill paper to safely ship out the earrings. The fill paper is blank so you can reuse it for projects or other uses. 
  • Using eco-friendly shipping tape
  • No unnecessary packaging items. Info cards are replaced by stamps on the box and using the earring card.
  • Using recycled & thrifted items for product photography and marketing purposes

If you have any questions or advice on sustainable practices, please let me know.